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woman in lab looking into microscope to gather data for clinical research study

CCT Research brings accessible studies to patients by embedding into physician and care facilities so you can complete more studies in less time with high-quality patients and data.

Efficiently meet your enrollment goals

We understand that gathering enough patient data from sites isn’t an easy task due to the many lengthy processes and follow-ups involved. We’ve built our business around a solution to this problem. We have an extremely fast budget and contract process with patients ready to be enrolled so you can hit your enrollment goals, save time, and save money.

What to expect when partnering with CCT

By working with CCT Research, you will have access to a group of experienced researchers with a large patient pool. You will love our rapid start-up processes, pre-qualified patients ready to screen, and quality data delivered in a timely manner. You can expect to hit your enrollment goals more quickly and save more money for your studies.

Why CCT Research?
  • Highly experienced team and researchers
  • Rapid start-up process
  • Large pool of patients
  • Patients pre-qualified and ready to screen
  • Standardized SOP’s for all sites
  • All sites utilize a central IRB
  • Enroll qualified patients within 48 hours

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