Our Solution for Healthcare Providers

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CCT Research brings innovative research studies directly to your patients.

Be a leader in the industry by being part of advancements that will improve the future of patient care and medicine.

Why Partner with CCT Research?

By partnering with CCT Research, you'll modernize your practice and get access to the latest and most advanced treatment options to help your patient's conditions.  

You'll increase revenue while we bring you clinical trials, handle end-to-end research, and drive new patients into your practice, so you can multiply the impact you have in helping your patients thrive. All this without added time or cost to you.

The future of medicine has your name on it. As a Principal Investigator, you'll contribute to advancing treatment options for patients in your therapeutic specialty.

Keep your independence from larger hospital systems. Keep your practice independent, private, and profitable. Add research as another patient care option to drive additional profit directly to your practice.

What you’ll get: 

  • You'll get a turnkey research team and infrastructure integrated into your practice at no cost to you. 
  • We handle business development, patient recruiting, trial management, staff, equipment, technology, research experience, and training for Principal Investigators, Sub Investigators, and site staff. 
  • We'll partner with you to identify, enroll, and educate patients.
  • We take care of all communications with sponsors, Regulatory, QA/QC, Budget/Contract, IRB Submissions, and more.

What fields of study do we work with?

The CCT Research network currently supports clinical research in the fields of Neurology, Family Practice, Dermatology, and Illness Prevention.

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Partner Perspective:

“Research had always been an interest, but with the day-to-day practice of a neurology clinic, realistically I was never going to find the time to recruit support staff and raters, identify potential trials and manage the application process to get those trials. CCT has helped take care of everything and I've been able to enhance patient care. ”

– Dr. Brian Beck, Principal Investigator

Looking to add another form of patient care?
We make the process easy for you.


Initial Call

During this time we will learn about your community to determine if adding clinical trials to your infrastucture makes sense.



We would love to tour your community to learn more about your patient population and to see if our partnership could align.



Once contracts are signed we will embed our coordinator into your location & set up infastructure for research.


Enroll Patients

We will market your site to conduct clinical research trials. Once awarded we are ready to offer another level of patient care!

Together, let's bring the patient experience to a new, advanced level.
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