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CCT Research brings innovative research studies directly to your patients.

Be a leader in the industry by being part of advancements that will improve the future of patient care and medicine.

Keep your independence

Your private practice can thrive among the hospital system giants

We understand the frustration of physicians with private practices that are not making a sustainable revenue, so they eventually surrender their independence to being acquired by larger hospital systems. By partnering with CCT Research, you’ll have another patient care option and drive additional profit directly to your practice.

What you’ll get by partnering with CCT Research

You’ll have access to a research team to run studies directly in your practice. Because CCT Research takes on all of the overhead, all the revenue will be pure profit for your private practice.

Next steps

After a prequalification call, we will evaluate if your practice has enough experience and the right patient population to be a successful research site. If these criteria are met, we’ll put contracts in place, and embed our research program, equipment, and a full-time coordinator into your site. Then we’ll begin to market your site immediately for upcoming studies.

private practice physician in Arizona clinical trial
Partner Perspective:

“I was planning to retire and then I met CCT. We, physicians, are lifetime learners and research is the future of medicine. After having the experience and the knowledge of clinical practice, I think research is the way to help more people that at least for me was the reason for becoming a physician.”
–Mildred De Jesus, MD

"CCT has brought back clinical research to my practice and helped me rebuild the research clinic I once had. They have made sure that I receive the clinical studies that fit my practice and it opens additional avenues to enhancing patient care."

– Tom Fiel, D.O.Fiel Family and Sports Medicine and Team Physician of the Phoenix Suns
Call us for a custom evaluation to see how you can benefit from embedding research studies into your practice.
Together, let's bring the patient experience to a new, advanced level.
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