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CCT Research brings innovative research studies directly to your patients.

Be a leader in the industry by being part of advancements that will improve the future of dermatology.

As a thought-leader, you can be a game-changer

We understand the frustration of having too much on your plate as a dermatologist. To some, busy-ness is good, but to the thought-leaders that want to make an impact in the industry, it often proves to be unfulfilling.

By partnering with CCT Research, you can stand out, bring additional patients and revenue to your practice without stretching yourself too thin, and be recognized as a leader that will make an impact in your industry.

What does life look like to work with CCT Research?

We pay for the overhead necessary to conduct a study, like hiring the clinical research coordinator and purchasing all of the equipment. This makes the setup process easy for you, as to not disrupt your already busy schedule. When you are an established site, you’ll be able to offer immediate value to your patients, differentiate yourself from other practices, and add an additional revenue stream.

Next steps

First, we evaluate that your practice will work well with our program and set agreements in place. Then, we will embed our research program into your practice so we can begin to market your site for upcoming studies that are a great fit for your patient population.

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Call us for a custom evaluation to see how you can benefit from embedding research studies into your practice.
Together, let's bring the patient experience to a new, advanced level.
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