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Region Manager

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Omaha, NE
Region Manager

The Region Manager plays a key role in assisting and overseeing the conduct of clinical trial activities, in accordance with all applicable regulations governing the conduct of clinical trials. The primary skills include logical thinking, ability to prioritize, can-do attitude, the ability to manage a large team and strong interpersonal and team building skills. 


The Region Manager will be responsible for coordinating efforts with other study team members in order to achieve protocol objectives and corporate goals across multiple research locations. 

Key Responsibilities:

 •Oversee clinical research team across multiple study locations 

 •Develop strong working relationships 

 •Establish and maintain effective communication with key managers and team members

 •Foster strong working relationships with the CCT clinics and serve as the sponsor for clinic related activities 

 •Manage multiple concurrent trials

 •Assist with mentoring and training study team members 

 •Complete all protocol related training required for the position 

 •Perform patient/research participant scheduling 

 •Collect patient/research participant history

 •Collects and maintains source documentation

 •Performs data entry and query resolution 

 •Support the collection and review of required essential study documents and reports. Order supportive study supplies (e.g., contracts, IXRS, lab kits,non-clinical supply materials, imaging and laboratory handling manuals, etc.)

 •Adhere to an IRB approved protocol 

 •Assist in the informed consent process of research subjects

 •Support the safety of research subjects, report adverse events 

 •Coordinate protocol related research procedures, study visits, and follow-up 

 •Assist with the screening, recruiting and enrollment of research subjects.

 •Facilitate pre-study, site qualification, study initiation, monitoring visits and study close out activities

 •Collect, process and ship laboratory specimens 

 •Comply with CCT, Clinic, and Sponsor policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines 


8 years of clinical research experience (management experience is needed)

Must be detail oriented, well organized, and can work independently

Knowledge of audit techniques

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Region Manager
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